Gruppo Animando is on hand at Mini Club Invernale.
From December 2017 to the end of the season every day from 10 am to 4 pm at the Scuola Nazionale Sci Bormio’s offices (at the lower cabin lift station) in a cosy, colourful room with a snow play park. Gruppo Animando’s specialist entertainment staff is on hand to provide a whole range of activities for children:

  • Child make-up dolls;
  • Inflatables and rubber dinghies;
  • Creative play workshops;
  • Ice games;
  • Baby dance;
  • Play park.

All this is easy to get to for non skiers too because it is in Bormio town itself! It can be combined with ski and snowboard lessons with the most patient and fun of instructors!!!

EN_MiniclubFoto Miniclub